The tree

When I caught the prompt for this post, my first thought was of this gnarly old tree.. It is in fact eerily beautiful, I think..


Unsent Letters • 12.14.2018

My Love,

I swear I’ll never understand…

I know I said I wouldn’t write anymore letters but I have no other way to get it out.. The love we have today leaves me so utterly confused that I’ve not got very little choice but to write something. If I don’t try and work things out inside my head I’ll just go crazy.. 

And that’s not fun.

At all.

For anyone…

You don’t see that we’ve gone wrong so you won’t try to make us better and I can’t. Not by myself. I don’t know how (believe me, if I did, we wouldn’t be where we are now) but I know that I’m not ready to stop trying.. I’m not ready to stop crying in frustration; I’m not ready to stop the hurt..  Stupid, I know, but it is what it is.. I’m not ready to give up. Period. 

I don’t think you are either..

I mean, we’re still here aren’t we? We’re still fighting each other for something. If it didn’t matter I don’t think it would hurt like it does.. 

Anyway, I really really need to sleep a little more. I just got up to pee and got caught watching you dream.. 

Maybe you’re thinking about me too…..



My Place

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I read, or sometimes write, but I’m not often left on my own.. so when I am I enjoy taking pictures. Mostly forests or sunsets or scenes that just breathe in some way. Maybe I’m bringing the outdoor world in to myself..

I don’t know, but I love it.

I could honestly go on forever with these but I won’t…

While I’m thinking, I guess if I’m honest I’d say that the camera itself is my happy place.

I’ve never thought about it that way…