Tuesday’s Trials

This child. I swear to Jesus she will be my undoing..


My Place

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I read, or sometimes write, but I’m not often left on my own.. so when I am I enjoy taking pictures. Mostly forests or sunsets or scenes that just breathe in some way. Maybe I’m bringing the outdoor world in to myself..

I don’t know, but I love it.

I could honestly go on forever with these but I won’t…

While I’m thinking, I guess if I’m honest I’d say that the camera itself is my happy place.

I’ve never thought about it that way…


The last few days have been lost in sort of a semi-fog that I can’t seem to find my way through. A little dull and unsure of myself, I’ve all but drowned in an ocean my tears and if I’m not careful the tide might pull me under..

After all this struggle, that would be a travesty.

As incredibly sad as it probably is, I’m not even sure that what’s left is worth fighting for.

I mean, how am I supposed to do his part of this? Hell, how am I supposed to do anything at all with the ways things are between us? I wish he would just tell me so I’d know…

I’d do whatever I could to make us better, but I guess for now, I’ll just be sad. I’m trying HARD to get past it but what can I say?? I’ve got issues.

If Only

If I’d known then

The things I think

That I know


I might have saved


Some of

What I feel now

But I was never meant to be

As happy

As you once made me

I don’t have

Any chances left

To live a life

I won’t forget

Someday I’ll look into

Your eyes

And you’ll be

Staring back at me

And I’ll know everything

Is fine

Maybe you’ll even want

To be

Here by my side….